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Architect Today is a platform where architects and designers offer their solutions to the society on solving old problems related to architecture and design means that are based on achievements of science and technology, and we hope that these ideas will lead to a new era not only in construction but in the general social development of humanity.

We gather architects and designers from the whole world on a single platform and publish interesting projects on a weekly basis. We think about the welfare of a man and nature that’s why our priority is to take care of the environment. We want that the automation becomes a part of our everyday life and the technologies are considered in design, reasonably integrated into the internal space, and aimed at improving the living standards. We are sure that clean renewable energy sources must be used in the new architecture. We want all architects will introduce new engineering solutions and technology into everyday life and hope that they will offer up-to-date solutions for old problems. The only limitations are those we imposed on ourselves.
Yana Rodzevich
Project Manager
Thank you for your interest in the Architect Today project. We create a platform where each of you will be able to receive knowledge, inspiration, expert opinion, and find colleagues and partners, customers and intermediaries, appraisers, and mentors. In 2020, the First International Exhibition Architect Today was held where over 30 architects and designers, construction companies, furniture, and decoration plaster manufacturers took part.

In the framework of the business program, the seminars on the most advanced improvement solutions for living and business spaces were held by the leading architects and designers, lectures on modern arts, real estate investment, marketing strategies, and creation of a strong brand were held by top managers of the largest companies. Two galleries of modern arts opened for our visitors. The key event of 2020 was the Architect Today Award given to the most impressive projects of architects and designers that will change our world and future. The Architect Today website continues working actively, publishes new projects, those of the best specialists, and thematic articles.

We are grateful to everyone who took part in the events held, we thank you for your trust and support! Together we launched Architect Today in such a successful and powerful way, and no turning back! We are looking forward to interesting and striking events, business and social events, exhibitions, awards, and new acquaintances.

See you next time!
The Architect Today Award is a merit award for the highest excellence in architecture and design.

The Architect Today International Exhibition is a prominent event in design and architecture.

The Architect Today website is an information online resource on new developments in architecture, design and interior solutions.
We have own audience that inspires us and follows our project updates. Once a year, we gather all architects and designers in a single space for their open dialog and demonstration of their ideas to the public, all this takes place in the Architect Today exhibition.

We will look for and recognize the best projects of architects and designers all over the world. The most interesting works will be selected and published on the opening spread of the printed and electronic version of the magazine Sobaka.RU

Architect Today does not represent the ideals of impractical dreamers, in contrast, wants to achieve real goals requiring the use of knowledge and technology available to us
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